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CEREC Crowns
In keeping with our commitment to remaining at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry service delivery, our office now has the equipment and expertise to provide CEREC crowns. What does this mean to you? Time

CEREC technology lets us provide you with one visit crowns. With traditional dental crown placement, at least two visits are required, with an additional delay of waiting for the dental lab to create the crowns. At the initial visit, your teeth would be prepared, and an impression taken. You would be fitted with a temporary crown, and the impression and specifications would be sent to the dental lab so the crowns could be created.

After the lab shipped the finished crowns to the office, you would then need to come in for a second appointment to have the permanent crowns bonded into place. The entire process could easily take weeks.

CEREC crown technology reduces this timeline to just one visit. Your teeth are prepared, and then the handheld Bluecam acquisition camera is used to create a digital impression of your teeth. Dr. Kim uses that impression (which replaces the physical one that used to be sent to the lab) to create exact specifications for your restoration. The restoration is milled from ceramic on-site, while you wait and enjoy our comfortable amenities. The crown is fitted and polished. Dr. Kim then bonds the crown in place, and you are ready to go. 

In this busy world, one less appointment is one less thing keeping you from what you'd rather be doing. If you need a crown, talk to us about CEREC.



One Visit Ceramic Restorations
Our new CEREC crown equipment represents the very latest technology in on-site dental crown production.

After the teeth are prepared, a digital impression is created using the Bluecam handheld camera to take a digital impression. Bluecam is considered superior to any other technology of its kind on the market, yielding the most detailed, sharp digital impressions.

CAD/CAM (computer assisted design/computer assisted manufacture) technology allows us to take this digital impression and create a crown for you while you wait.

Exact specifications regarding contour, color and opacity are coupled with the digital impression, and communicated to the milling unit, which mills the restoration. We also have a programmable custom staining oven, which is used to make your new crown look absolutely natural, and absolutely beautiful.